3 tips for marketing your restaurant on Facebook

3 tips for marketing your restaurant on Facebook

The restaurant business is one of the sectors where competition is very high. It is common to find many restaurants with great food suffering from losses due to ineffective or no marketing. Restaurants that have smart managers who understand how to market their services get good returns.

There are so many avenues of advertising the restaurants. One of the main ones at the moment is Facebook. In this guide, we explore three basic Facebook marketing tips for your restaurant.

Select appropriate likes

As a restaurant, it is important to build strong connections online, and Facebook is the right social platform to do it. You can like other business pages in order to get online connections. When these other pages do the same, it leads to exposure.

With Facebook, you also have the chance to control and determine which of the liked pages should appear on your timeline. You can set the pages to appear or be displayed randomly. Nonetheless, it is important to feature or be associated with related pages.

Create a Contest

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant on Facebook is to create a contest. You could offer free meals in your restaurant for a certain period of time, and make it so that people have to like your post to enter, which means that more people see the post.

However, be careful with the conditions because Facebook has their own marketing platform and they do not like their regulations being broken, even though they have recently made their rules more lenient - full terms can be found here.

Link Sharing / Status Updates

Make sure you ask the people that like your page to share or tag their Facebook friends from time to time, but do not overdo it. This would generate more likes and traffic to your page and hence increase the number of people that you can reach.

You could also ask them to write a status with a link to your company and leave it up for 24 hours in return for a small discount. To prove the link has been active for a certain time they can show you their profile and you can then apply the discount.

When it comes to Facebook be inventive with your marketing techniques. However, make sure that you follow their terms as a violation could lead to your page being banned!

What experience have you had of promoting your restaurant business on Facebook? Drop us a line so we can share your successes and advice here.


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