3 tips for marketing your restaurant on Twitter

3 tips for marketing your restaurant on Twitter

With the progression of the cost-effectiveness of Internet marketing, the methods have become somewhat commonplace in every industry. Twitter is one of the largest social networking sites that some businesses overlook in favour of Facebook.

If you run a restaurant business or any other kind of eatery, Twitter can be the focus of your internet marketing strategy. Here are three basic twitter marketing tips for your restaurant:

Include a link to your menu

What food you offer should be your focal advertising point on every platform. Take the time to tweet about a delicious and fresh new plate in your restaurant and you will quickly see the benefits. Including a link to your menu on your Twitter bio is one strategy that you can use. It not only allows your followers to find what they need quickly, but also increases their chances of dining with you.

Include images of the food that you offer

Some things are better expressed with photography. Though twitter is majorly a text based site, including photos in your updates can see you get more followers and drive traffic into your business. Ensure that the photos you include in your updates are of high quality and portray exactly what you offer.

A potential customer will not even bother looking at your photos if their quality is poor. So, be keen on the photos that you include in your updates.

Time your tweets and use hash-tags

Timing is very important when it comes to twitter restaurant marketing. Twitter is a lot different from Facebook and thus your follower will be able to see your tweets in their feeds as soon as you send them.

Also, make sure you use hash-tags in your updates. For instance if it is lunchtime, you can use #lunch. The use of hash-tags means that there’s more chance of random people coming across your Twitter feed.

If twitter is used correctly, it can make all the difference to your restaurant marketing campaign. It is also imperative that you are active, and that you take the time to respond to customers question and suggestions in a timely manner. Furthermore, tweeting too much can be boring and therefore should be avoided. Not to forget, badmouthing competition is just not right. Whatever you do, let Twitter be your company’s voice.

How are you getting on with Twitter? We'd love to share your experiences here so please do tell us more...

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