4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant should be on YouTube

4 Reasons Why Your Restaurant should be on YouTube

One of the fastest ways to gain exposure and awareness for your restaurant is to create an online video. For years, businesses have been promoting their brands with the use of video marketing to inform, entertain, and ultimately to attract customers.

When it comes to online video marketing, no channel is more powerful and effective than the mighty YouTube. From being the largest video site, to its being owned by Google, having the best onboard tools and its amazing networking opportunity for creators, YouTube is set to remain the best video marketing companion for marketers for many years to come.

Sure, there are lots of other video sharing sites out there, but why should your restaurant business be on YouTube first?

Largest online audience

YouTube is home to billions of videos and it commands more than four billion daily pageviews. That’s a staggering number which makes you want to have a piece of for your restaurant. Being the second largest search engine next to Google, people visit YouTube not only to watch and learn, but also to share videos that they find interesting and share-worthy. On its own, YouTube seemed to have guaranteed its own success right from the start as the pioneer in the online video-sharing space, but the very reason why it has become more hugely successful is the titan behind it.

Owned by Google

In 2005, Google decided that YouTube is ripe for the picking. They forked more than $1 billion to complete the purchase. Why is this a reason for your restaurant to be on YouTube? Google’s ownership of YouTube seemed to have guaranteed its success for a very long time. Also, it has become more secure and more ubiquitous as it became more integrated into Google’s ecosystem. You can also tap into Google’s massive and lucrative advertising program which could allow you to reach to a more targeted audience.

Powerful onboard tools

YouTube is rich in user-friendly tools that make creating awesome marketing videos for your restaurant a breeze. First off, each video can be easily shared and embedded into other social media channels. It also offers tools via the Creator Studio that allow you to enhance the quality of your video. With its massive audio library and video editor, your restaurant’s online video could easily be produced with broadcast quality. Plus, YouTube offers state-of-the-art analytics so you can monitor your video’s performance and do the necessary tweaks as needed.

Opportunity to network and learn with top YouTubers

Another compelling reason why you should create videos for your restaurant on YouTube is the opportunity it offers you to network and learn with top YouTubers through their Creator Academy. It’s an excellent place where you can pick the brains of top YouTubers for any ideas that might be helpful for your restaurant business. It’s also an opportunity for you to gain more visitors and customers from the resulting exposure to other creators’ network.

Of course, nothing should stop you from exploring other options like Vimeo, Vine, and DailyMotion, but if you were to create a massive following for your restaurant from your online video marketing campaign, you should be on YouTube first.

For more information on creating YouTube videos for your restaurant business get in touch with the Scrummy London team today.

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