5 Effective Ways Your Restaurant should Take Advantage of Google+

5 Effective Ways Your Restaurant should Take Advantage of Google+

Google has become so ubiquitous that today's diners can't seem to go out without it. The same can be said about Google+, its very own social networking site. Local restaurants are much better off with it, because customers tend to find local businesses listed in Google+ faster when searching online.

While Google+ isn't as big as Facebook in terms of number of active users and user engagement, it has come along way to become an indispensable tool for local businesses. But how do you effectively use Google+ for your restaurant?

Let's us explore the ways your restaurant can take advantage of Google+ for branding and for greater search visibility.

Establish a strong presence on Google+ with Google+ Pages

For local businesses such as a restaurant, creating a Google+ Pages on Google+ provides tremendous amounts of benefits in terms of search visibility and increased calls. But the key to success when creating a Google+ Page for your restaurant is to properly optimise the page's title, citations, images and videos. We'll deal more with the title and citations.

Page title

First, the title. Let's talk about its technical aspect. The title is the one of the most important elements of online listing, and the first one that Google's search spiders look for. In the title, your restaurant's name should be prominent, as well as the location. Obviously, you want to give your Google+ Page the title "ABC Restaurant." But there are probably tons of pages in Google+ with the title ABC Restaurant.

To properly distinguish yours, you could name your page "ABC Restaurant - Liverpool." You should also use this same title for all your other online listings such as in Facebook, Twitter and local directories for consistency.


Your restaurant's citation is a reference to your business' name, physical address, phone number and email address. The citation must be consistent wherever your business is listed, which means the way your address and phone number appear in your website should be the same in your Google+ Page and other social media channels. Be sure to list your address and phone number without error.

Create a community

Communities in Google+ are a great way to associate and connect with users within the same industry as yours. Actively search for communities within the hospitality and restaurant business. Find those within your country first. The great thing about joining communities is that it opens up a whole lot of opportunities for learning, strategic partnerships and brand exposure. By actively engaging in communities, there’s also a great opportunity for your restaurant to go viral when other users start sharing and re-sharing your updates and posts.

Engage your audience with informative posts

In social media, nothing annoys users more than an overly promotional content. While it is true that the ultimate goal of creating a Google+ page for your restaurant is to build your brand online, you also need to nurture your followers and build their trust. One of the best ways to do this is to offer them content that is useful, relevant, entertaining and informative. For example, you can update your page with information on the do’s and don’ts of fine dining, how to order a hidden menu, or the best places to go near your restaurant.

Follow and be followed

You also need to grow your followers. Think of it as building an email list for your restaurant, but better. You can actually target the people that you wish to follow your restaurant’s page. All you need to do is to search within Google+ for any mentions of your restaurant, the restaurant business as a whole or mentions of food. The best way to get followed, like in Twitter, is to follow first. Do this consistently but without spamming users. Growing your followers isn’t only good so that you can push updates to a lot of people. Perhaps more importantly, the more followers you gain, the higher your page will rank in Google.

Follow other businesses

Don’t just follow potential customers. You should also follow other businesses within your industry to gain industry insights and potential business opportunities.

Remember, Google+ may not be as engaging as Facebook, but ultimately, it still offers better advantage in terms of getting your restaurant in front of diners when they are looking for you online - in Google search.

To learn more about creating a Google+ Page for your restaurant, contact the Scrummy Team today.

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