5 Proper Ways Your Restaurant should be Listed Online

5 Proper Ways Your Restaurant should be Listed Online

Getting your restaurant listed online ensures better visibility and more customer visits. This is what is called local SEO, or optimising your restaurant for local searches. The number of people searching for a local business online before actually visiting them is growing. This is a major reason why you need a website for your restaurant and why any information about it should consistent on all web pages where it can be found.

In this article, we will discuss the five proper ways your restaurant should be listed online or optimised for local search.

Consistent logo

The logo lets customers identify your restaurant. It's sort of the face that represents your business. How it is shown on your website should be the same in other web pages such as local directories, and, most importantly, in Google+ and other social media channels. Use a filename for your logo that has a descriptive title, such as “ABC-restaurant.jpeg”, for example, as opposed to the generic “logo.jpeg.” As for the logo's ALT text, it is highly recommended to use the location such as "ABC Restaurant, London." Use this logo file and alt text in all web pages where you need to display it.

Optimise the title and descriptions

The title and description serve as your label online so that both the search engine spiders and human visitors can properly locate and identify your restaurant. Focus first on the title. Ideally, you should use your restaurant's name for your listing's title, and it should be used consistently in all web pages, from your website to local directories and social media channels. Be as descriptive as possible on the description. Include your restaurant's location and phone number. You can be more liberal with the description, but it should also be consistent in all web pages.

Address and contact information

Your restaurant's full address, contact number and email address should be prominently displayed on your website's homepage. The full address should include the street number, post code, state, and country. The phone number should include the country code and area code. How these information are shown within the homepage should be the same as in the footer and elsewhere in the website. It should also be how they are displayed in your social media channels and local directories. Also consider adding a map in the contact us page using Google Map, a convenient way to give customers a good sense of where your restaurant is located.

Claim your Google+ Business Page

Creating a Google+ business page for your restaurant secures your place in Google. It's good for ranking and it makes it easier for Google to display pertinent information about your business in the search results pages. This way, your customers will have an easier time finding you. Be sure to provide all the information needed to make your Google+ page descriptive, especially on the About section. Ensure that the information found on your website and other social channels are consistent with the ones you will be putting in your Google+ page.

Stake your claim in Google Places for Business

Google Places for Business allows you to get verified by Google. Claim your business in Google Places so you can reply to customer reviews, provide more information, and even give offers through Google offers.

Remember, the key to ranking high in search and to being found easily by customers through local search is consistency in all the information that you provide about your restaurant. Do this today and you will see in a couple of days how your business will gain more visibility and ranking in Google. You should also see the number of diners in your restaurant increase.

For more information on creating an effective local search strategy for your restaurant, contact the experts at Scrummy London today.

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