5 Ways To Encourage Compelling Customer Reviews for Your Restaurant

5 Ways To Encourage Compelling Customer Reviews for Your Restaurant

Each time you want to try something out, like a restaurant, it’s very likely that the first thing you’d want to take a look at are the reviews available for it online. That’s because you know that online reviews are so compelling that they could influence you on whether or not to try the restaurant.

The same can be said about your restaurant’s customers. New potential customers could be looking for any information about your restaurant at this moment to glean any information that could help them decide whether or not to try your place out.

The more positive reviews and ratings your restaurant gets, the more likely it would gain new customers and get recommended to more people.

But customer reviews are a bit hard to come by, and many restaurant owners are not encouraging reviews enough. The result is very little positive information about their restaurants available online for other potential customers.

Can you encourage customers to leave reviews? Certainly, by doing the following recommendations:

1. Create a business profile for your restaurant on top review sites

Most review sites are perfect for your restaurant business, but you should consider creating a complete profile first on some of the top review sites like Google Local, Yahoo! Local, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. The great thing about having your restaurant listed on these sites is that it helps your business’ website rank higher in search, especially on Google.

2. Ask customers how they like your restaurant

One of the best ways to get your customers to leave a review for you is to ask them. Many consumers understand the value that reviews create for a business and a lot of them are more than happy to recommend a business which provided them quality service. That is why be sure that you, your staff, the food, and service that you provide leave a positive impression to your customers, so it would be easy to ask for a feedback from them.

When they do offer a compliment, ask them if they could leave the same compliment on the review site where they found you.

3. Make leaving a review effortless

When customers are happy about the service that your restaurant provides, you wouldn’t have to ask twice for a review. But when you ask them for a review, make it easy for them to find the review form online.

Review sites like Yelp provide downloadable forms and links that you can post on your email, newsletters, and blogs. Make these links as prominent as possible to encourage feedback right away.

4. Reward customers for review

To be clear, buying reviews is a practice that could hurt your restaurant’s reputation. But you can reward customers for providing their positive reviews. Let’s face it, writing a review for your business takes some time for customers to create. You can show your appreciation for their effort by offering something in return. Nothing should stop you from sending a note or an email to customers who offered their thoughts about your restaurant. Or you can randomly choose a customer who provided their feedback to receive a weekly or a monthly giveaway.

Be creative when rewarding your customers, but be careful not to make it look like you’re buying their reviews.

5. Show your sincere appreciation

Nothing warms the heart of customers better than a sincere showing of appreciation. Send a thank you note to customers when they leave a review, good or bad. For your top reviewer, you can probably mention them on your website’s blog or send them promotional codes. Showing your sincere appreciation could help make your customers become evangelists for your restaurant.

The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses to be in. But if you make reviews part of your business’ processes, you could a significant number of positive comments about your business that would help put it on the top of your industry.

For more information on creating a strong web presence for your restaurant, get in touch today.

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