6 Ways Your Hotel Can Use Pinterest For Marketing

6 Ways Your Hotel Can Use Pinterest For Marketing

Pinterest is one of today’s darlings of social media. With over 70 million users, it has grown to become an indispensable tool for hobbyists and marketers. For business, it now beats Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in terms of traffic referral, thus providing businesses with a better channel for driving customers and increasing revenue.

For hotels, Pinterest offers an impressive way of showcasing what they have to offer. If you’re running a hotel business and haven’t taken advantage of this incredible photo-sharing social network yet, here are six tips to help you highlight your hotel’s features with Pinterest.

1. Showcase your rooms and amenities

Think of Pinterest as an online brochure for your hotel. You can build a board that showcases what each room type looks like. After all, the first thing that most hotel goers and travellers look for when shopping for a hotel in their destination is what the room looks like. The board should highlight each room type from all angles if possible, showing everything inside that might be of interest to customers.

A board should also highlight the amenities available in your hotel such as pools, spa, fitness gym, and cafes. Make your customers feel that all that they may need is in your hotel.

2. The gastronomic showcase

It is estimated that about 50% or repins on Pinterest are images of food. Food is an incredible way of putting an invitation to travellers. That’s why one of the boards that you need to put an effort in putting together on Pinterest is the one for food. Apart from highlighting foods that are special to your hotel, be sure to also highlight those that are unique to the location.

You should also highlight food that your hotel offers for various events like weddings, themed parties, etc.

3. Highlight family-friendly stuff

Many travellers travel with their families. Be sure to highlight events and amenities in your hotel that promote family-friendliness. Boards with images of family activities in your restauratns, pool areas, family karaoke bars, and family lounge should also be highlighted on your Pinterest page.

4. Highlight events area

Many corporate customers are looking to hotels for function rooms that could accommodate large events. That’s why you should also create a board where you can pin images of your events areas like ballrooms, cocktail parties, Christmas parties, and large seminars. You should showcase the types of events that your hotel could hold for potential clients.

5. Showcase local events

Create a board that highlights how your hotel supports the local tourism. Pin photos of local and seasonal events that are unique to your hotel’s location. You can even pin images of upcoming activities in the area like sporting events, festivals, winter events, and state fairs. Boards such as this are ideal for those looking to make their trip more unique and memorable.

6. Highlight your friendly staff

It’s also a good idea to create a board that features pins of your hotel’s staff. You can show images of how they work behind the scene to make the guests’ stay a more enjoyable affair. You can show how room service takes care of the guests needs, how the utility staff make every amenity clean and comfortable, and how the chef and his team of cooks provide an incredible gastronomic adventure.

There you have it, six quick and easy tips to make your hotel standout and become visited by more travellers with Pinterest.

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