Creating a Compelling Video Marketing Campaign for Your Hotel

Creating a Compelling Video Marketing Campaign for Your Hotel

A properly executed marketing campaign could bring significant profit to your hotel business. But among the marketing strategies that you can take advantage of, the one that promises effectiveness and better returns is online video marketing.

If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing as part of your hotel’s marketing campaigns, maybe it’s time to re-think your strategy. That’s because according to marketing experts, a marketing campaign that includes video becomes much more effective and powerful. Videos are more compelling when it comes to converting website visitors into loyal customers.

If you find creating marketing videos for your hotel daunting or intimidating, here are some tips for you to help you get it started for your hotel.

Writing a benefits-centered script to hook travellers

A benefits-centered marketing script effectively holds the audience’s attention. It also helps emphasize how the hotel can help them achieve what they need: fun and relaxation.

With video, you can more effectively show the benefits of staying at your hotel by showing the individual features and amenities your hotel offers. You can do this by writing a script that breaks these benefits and features into bullets, making it easier for your audience to follow your content.

When writing a script for your video campaign, you can use a simple formula called FAB, which stands for Features, Advantages and Benefits. This emphasises the “what’s in it for me?” for your customers.

Include images that highlight your hotel’s features

The great thing about video is that the texts and images move, or are animated. Animation resets the audience’s attention span. According to experts, an average person’s attention span to video is only about one minute.

But with video, that attention span could actually be sustained from the video’s start to finish.

Be sure to include lots of images that feature your hotel’s rooms, restaurants, and other amenities in a fashion that quickly grabs your customers’ attention.

Include background music that speaks about your hotel

Experts agree that buying attitude is triggered by the right emotion. And the right emotion can actually be invoked by the right set of background music and sound effects.

Choose the right kind of background music and sound effects to go with your video to effectively capture your customers’ attention. But be sure to choose a background music that appropriately speaks about your hotel.

Include a call to action

Your hotel’s marketing video should effectively show travelers what they want and ignite their desire to a burning white hot state. By the end of your video, they would already have made a decision to stay at your hotel.

This is where a compelling call to action comes into play.

The end part of your marketing video should clearly show your audience what they need to do next to reserve a room at your hotel. Show in your video the number to call or the webpage to visit to make a reservation.

Use all the tips mentioned above to make your hotel’s marketing video work. By doing so, you will outdo the competition with a technique that not every marketer is taking advantage of to dominate the hotel industry.

To find out more about creating a strong web presence for your hotel and help your customers find you rather than your competition, get in touch today.

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