Give your Bed & Breakfast the best chance of standing out

Give your Bed & Breakfast the best chance of standing out

According to the Bed and Breakfast Association, the bed and breakfast (B&B) market is currently 28% bigger than the budget hotel industry, which goes some way to showing you the size of the industry.

Regardless of the size of the market, the reality is that there are so many high-quality B&B’s that standing out from the ever-growing crowd is becoming harder, or is it?

Astonishingly, as many B&B’s are run by those of an older age, a substantial number are using outdated advertising methods.

Understanding the opportunties available via web and social media channels could give a B&B owner a serious edge should you take advantage of what is available.

Taking advantage of all the marketing avenues available

Nowadays, advertising and marketing is so much more than building press and PR through ‘conventional’ offline methods.

While print and design can be beneficial, when done correctly, the Internet tends to offer a more cost-effective marketing portal, which every B&B should look to utilise.

Here are three basic and free steps every B&B should take today:

  1. At the very least, your B&B should be active on Facebook and Twitter. These are the two main social media portals for businesses. However, you may also want to explore Google +, Instagram and Pintrest. The reality is that the more social media portals you utilise the better, but only if you can update each one with unique content regularly. It is almost always counterproductive to have inactive social media accounts.
  2. Ensure you sign up for all the free relevant directories and listing sites. Not only are these sites great for potential business, but they also tend to be beneficial when it comes to your websites SEO (search engine optimisation). These directories are free and can help you bring in business, even if your website is struggling to get views. There are also similar sites that offer free trials that you can utilise to see if they offer any long-term benefits. The paid for directories allow you to monitor the number of site visits you receive as a consequence of your paid listing, so you’ll be able to work out if keeping it is worthwhile.
  3. Speak to local businesses to build partnerships. Bed and breakfasts are usually full of both domestic and international tourists who are staying in the area to holiday. Speaking to local places of interest and setting up an agreement could be beneficial to both of you.

The reality is that if you own a B&B, it’s imperative that you ensure your marketing and advertising is not only cost-effective, but also up to date and using as many effective channels as possible - particularly those online.

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