How to set up a Google+ Page for your restaurant

How to set up a Google+ Page for your restaurant

How to set up a Google+ Page for your restaurant

If you own a restaurant, food or drink brand or any other company in this field, you will understand that exposure is pivotal for on-going success. Many marketing experts are amazed that more businesses do not take advantage of all the social media portals available.

Social media is the largest and most effective free marketing portal available, and managing your company on these networking sites is painless if you know what you are doing.

Google+ is one of the latest major social networking platforms. With the backing of Google, this platform has quickly settled in the top five most popular.

In this guide, we will explore a few tips that will help you set up a Google+ page.

Start at the beginning!

The first step you need to do is to visit create a Page on Google+. If you have set up a business page for Facebook, you will notice that the layout is very similar. Follow the simple step by step guide to get to your page creator.

On the dashboard, you are presented with various options that you need to go through systemically and complete. All the steps are simple to follow, and you are even offered a percentage guide to show how much you have completed. For SEO purposes make sure you complete everything that you can.

Make your page visually appealing

If you own a restaurant, food brand or drink brand, one of the things that you would have noticed with your web design is that portraying your services is not the easiest. A lot of restaurant sites are ascetically pleasing because that’s the best way to portray your products. If you are aware of the Marks and Spencer television adverts, then you will understand why visual design is imperative.

Another tip is to use videos to draw in potential customers with your product, meals or special offers. Having a video/s on your Google+ page will allow you to take advantage of as many of the senses as possible because you cannot use a web page to utilise taste.

Setting up a Google+ page is important for a number of reasons. As well as being able to advertise your company for free, Google+ is fantastic for SEO and search marketing for restaurants or food brands. Of course, if you have any issues designing your page or want to speak with a specialist to ensure your page is as effective as it can be for your company, please drop us a line.

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