How to use inbound marketing to increase restaurant sales

How to use inbound marketing to increase restaurant sales

If you work in the restaurant sector, and you’re not aware of the potential benefits of inbound marketing, you have been missing out on the most-effective type of marketing available. Maybe you do know about this type of marketing, but simply did not know that it came under that name. Here, we will explore some examples of inbound marketing and their benefits in more detail.

Taking advantage of email marketing

If a customer or a potential customer has entered their email on your site or given you their email to contact them, then they expect you to market to them every so often. The main benefit of this is that they won’t dismiss your email instantly as junk, which means they are likely to read the content in the email.

Therefore, if you get the message and design right, then you can sell your promotions or services effectively with a high success rate that you wouldn’t get from the majority of other marketing techniques.

Reputation management

Your reputation as a restaurant is everything. Without third-party referrals, your business will struggle to thrive in a competitive market. Worse still, negative reviews can bring business to a standstill.

Not everybody that walks through your doors will have a great experience, even though you try to ensure they do, but it’s how you manage their complaints that will determine your long-term success.

More and more people are looking for third-party reviews online before they choose somewhere to eat now. Therefore, having a positive reputation is a must. As such, reputation management is a requirement to ensure you limit the negative reviews about your company.

First, you need to be seen to make an effort with poor third-party reviews. Furthermore, you need to ensure that those who have had a positive experience at your restaurant take the time to rate and review your company online. That will minimise the impact of negative reviews.

Many restaurants choose to run competitions that people enter if they provide feedback, and they find that this really helps manage their reputation online. Of course, if you are struggling with a lot of poor feedback, then you need to ensure you fix what could be a deep routed problem.

Above are just two of many different inbound marketing techniques that can help increase restaurant sales. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity of inbound marketing, managed by a team that has been delivering results for years, get in touch today.


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