How your restaurant can take advantage of the Summer season

How your restaurant can take advantage of the Summer season

Summertime has always been a great time for restaurants to make a decent profit if they get everything right. With the right offers, service, food and seasonal specials a restaurant regardless of its size can really capitalise on the weather. If you own a restaurant and you want to take advantage of the summer season then here are a few steps you can follow.

Spruce up your space

If you have an extra outdoor space, whether it is a garden terrace, tables and chairs, a corner of roadway-make it look alluring. Put a fresh coat of paint, brush off those cobwebs and make the décor look alive. The more the area looks inviting, the more you will have people coming to spend some time in the amazing sunshine while eating and drinking.

Influence your suppliers

The fact is that people love freebies. You can draw more people to your restaurants by offering giveaways or free promotional items. Do this by talking to your suppliers about receiving free merchandise in return for marketing.

Follow the season

Your menu should change with the season. Try reducing stews and other hot dishes and adding summer foods. If you also want to change your advertising materials, try bright colours on your menus, beautiful boards and table talkers that will show your clients you are ready for warm season.

Engage with your neighbours

If you have set up your business in a busy location, send your happiest staff members to walk around the neighbourhood. Have them give out some menus and fliers at the nearby shops as well. You can also invite a few people for a special evening at your restaurant. All this will enhance community sense and goodwill, and also put you in first place with the locals.

Advertise Your Restaurant

Finally and most importantly, make your customers aware that your restaurant is the perfect spot for summer. Advertise on your website about the events or upgrades you have made. You can also use social media as it is the fastest and most affordable way to inform people what you and your staff are doing in the summer months If you send emails regularly, try adding some tagline to the email signatures. Make them short and sweet and in bright colours to make them stand out.

The summer months can really make the difference when it comes to working out how much profit the company has made in a year. Therefore, make sure you do everything you can to take advantage of our favourite time of the year.

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