Marketing your restaurant online

Marketing your restaurant online

Some tips on how to be successful online when marketing your restaurant

In the UK, it is estimated that 60% of ALL people have at least one social media platform. Facebook is leading the way, with roughly 50% having a profile that they use. As such, social media marketing has quickly become a must for all businesses, restaurants alike. Here, we will explore three of the most popular tips for restaurants.

Marketing your restaurant on the Internet has almost become a requirement over the last few years if you want to stay up with current trends and want to have any chance of outperforming your direct competition. Fortunately, regardless of your budget, there are steps you can take to market your restaurant online. Here, we will explore just a couple.

Talking to local food bloggers to reach a targeted audience

Many restaurants have been ‘entertaining’ food writers for a number of years now, so this is by no means a new technique. However, since the rise of social media, this technique has changed significantly. No longer do you need to call up your local newspaper to get a review, now you can contact local food bloggers.

Invite them to your establishment for a meal and make sure you impress. One of the best things about this new technique is that you can see the number of people the blogger can reach and how successful they are. Remember, unlike a newspaper where only a handful of people would read or be even remotely bothered about the food section, everybody that is following a food blogger is doing so because they are interested in what they have to say. That’s targeted marketing that it’s hard to buy, and you can get it for next to nothing in terms of cost if you get it right.

Run contests on social media

First and foremost, this point requires you to have a social media account. If you do not have AT LEAST a company Facebook page that is being updated semi-regularly, then you are really missing out on the largest free marketing portal available.

A competition, when run correctly, can increase your social media following with hundreds of potential new clientele. However, be careful of stringent competition rules that have been implemented by Facebook to stop companies from taking advantage of their platform. Read more on Facebook's Page guidelines.

A competition for say a free meal for two people might cost you £50 in total, but could gain you hundreds of followers and probably, if done correctly a few visitors. These are people that you can reach via social media marketing.

Taking advantage of Facebook Marketing

Many restaurants owners overlook Facebook Marketing as they simply think it’s a waste of time, but that’s really not the case. The technology behind Facebook’s marketing platform has developed to such an extent that you can now target your marketing right down to the finest detail. This means more conversions for lower costs.

Facebook Marketing allows you to geo target your ads so that you only reach people within a certain radius of your restaurant, target potential clientele by age or gender, and even target those who include ‘eating out’ as one of their interests. That’s the benefit of social media marketing. So many people enter their preferences into Facebook that you can take advantage of their marketing algorithm to reach them.

Photographs, photographs and more photographs

Since you cannot take advantage of the taste sense via the Internet, it is imperative you try to get people to imagine what your dishes taste like, and the best way to do that is to use images.

While it's more than okay for your customers to use their camera phones to photograph the soup of the day, you should make sure you hire a professional to come and take images of your finest work. Follow the images with well drafted, descriptive text and you will have your potential customers salivating long before they walk in the door.

To make sure that you reach the right audience with your images, you may want to think about setting up an Instragram account as this is the social media platform where the most images are posted.

Get Scrummy involved!

Above we have explored just two of many techniques that a restaurant can implement if they want to bring in more customers. Of course, here at Scrummy London, we offer a comprehensive online restaurant marketing solution to help bring you more traffic for cost-effective prices. Get in touch today to find out more.

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