Using print to promote your tourism business

Using print to promote your tourism business

It’s a common myth that print media is outdated. In fact, the reality is that it can still offer better value for money than online marketing and advertising if it is done correctly.

One industry where print media continues to offer great value for money is tourism, and here we will explore how you can ensure your advertising budget for print media delivers your business the best return on investment.

Newspaper advertising

Many companies in the tourism industry continue to use both newspapers and magazines to advertise. Local papers tend to offer brilliant value for money as tourists to the area pick them up to see what’s on, and locals even do the same.

One of the benefits that the rise in prominence of online advertising has led to is a decrease in the price of print media advertising. This means that there are more opportunities for cost-effective advertising if you look for the right portals.

Specialist magazine advertising

Specialist magazines offer great value for money when it comes to advertisement

If you run a business that focuses on bring in tourists to earn money, the likelihood is there will be a publication geared specifically towards your attraction.

Unlike newspapers and general magazines, these publications offer targeted marketing, which tends to offer much better value for money.

Sure, an advert in a paper or ‘general’ magazine may be seen by 50 times the number of people than an advert in a specialist magazine, but it is also likely to cost more and be skipped over by the majority of readers.

It’s all about bring people to your attraction for the lowest possible price, and specialist publications tend to offer better value for money.

Leaflets, leaflets, leaflets

One of the best forms of advertisement for the tourism industry is ironically a form of advertising that is outdated in just about every other sector.

A leaflet or brochure placed in the right destinations like hotels, B&Bs or other tourist hotspots have the capacity to bring a huge number of visitors for little outlay.

A company can get as many as 1,000 full colour leaflets printed for as little as £10. That’s just £0.01 a leaflet. This is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods that all tourist destinations should continue to utilise.

If you’re worried that your business is failing to bring in as many customers as it could, and you feel your marketing and advertising budget is going to waste, get in touch today.

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