Using Social Media For Effective Customer Feedback For Your Travel Agency

Using Social Media For Effective Customer Feedback For Your Travel Agency

One of the most crucial components that any business should have is customer service. But not all small businesses, like a neighborhood travel agency, can afford to manage a full scale customer service department.

These days, however, thanks to the advent of social media, caring for customers and listening to their feedback are quite easy. With social media, your travel agency can “listen in” to what travellers are looking for in a holiday travel deal, which place they are very likely to travel to in an upcoming holiday, or which airline to travel in.

Social media has become a very indispensable tool. It is so powerful yet so affordable that you can run a customer service department solely through the social media pages your business may already have set up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus.

If your travel agency hasn’t taken advantage of this powerful customer service tool yet, below are some tips on how you can use social media to jumpstart the way you take care of travellers who subscribe to your service.

Use social media as a search tool

One of the first things you need to know about social media as a customer service platform is that you can use it as a search tool to know what travellers are looking for. These days, there are lots of tools available that will allow you to monitor social mentions being made about travelling and holidays.

You can use the following tools to keep track of mentions being made about the travel industry:

● Google Alerts

● SocialMention

● TweetBeep

● BackType

● TwentyFeet

You can also use the native search function found within Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to track for those types of mentions.

You may also use these social search tools to track mentions made about your travel agency, as well as those about your competitors. As you can see, you can use it as a soft of spying tool to make sense of what the competition is up to.

A quick response tool

It’s observed that social media-savvy travellers are quick to make their feelings known about a travel agency through social media. And when they do air out their concerns about an agency, it’s nearly impossible to undo. That’s why when something is being mentioned about your travel agency online, whether positive or negative, you must be quick to respond. Offer an apology within the same channel if an error on your part has been made, and offer a sincere appreciation for any positive feedback customers make. This way, people who are following the issue will become aware of the way you treat your customers.

Know more about your industry

When using social media, it shouldn’t be all about your business. You need to pay attention to mentions being made about the travel industry as a whole. With social media, you can track the news about certain destinations where you offer travel deals. You may also be able to track deals and other business ideas from competitors that may not have thought about.

By using social media, you’d be able to explore lots of opportunities that your travel agency can take advantage of right away.

Social media will remain as an indispensable business tool. Use it to explore opportunities and to promptly address what your customers need.

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