Using social media to give your independent hotel the best chance of success

Using social media to give your independent hotel the best chance of success

Independent and boutique hotels face a daily battle to stand out from their larger and often less expensive counterparts.

The reality is that social media offers a portal for knowledgeable, independent hotels to highlight their benefits (and personality), but few boutiques utilise the completely free tools social media provide.

Here, we will explore more about how you can use social media to make your boutique hotel stand out.

High quality, unique images

Just about every social media portal offers you the chance to showcase one of your main attractions to potential visitors, the location and design of your hotel, which you can show off through quality pictures.

The reality is that even though they all try to differentiate from one another, larger chains tend to blend into one. The reality is that they probably do not even need to add images on their website as one could almost map out a brand hotel room without ever having visited.

The same cannot be said for a boutique hotel. Each has its own character, and social media allows you, as the owner, to use high-resolution images to advertise what makes your different. The quality of images that can be used on a site like Instagram makes it easier than ever before to show off your charm and appeal.

Keeping in touch with guests

Web contact forms, emails and to a lesser extent live chat are very impersonal, almost robotic. As mentioned before, one of the main differences between a corporation and a boutique is that the latter is expected to have a character.

Social media can give your hotel a voice to communicate directly with potential guests and existing visitors alike to bring in new or repeat business.

One of several reasons larger hotel chains use social media is because they want to offer a more personable service. In fact, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have gone one-step further by advertising this fact. It calls its conversational and personal approach “the voice of the traveller.”

This tells you everything you need to know about the benefits of a personable service, one that a unique independent hotel can offer.

If you own a unique boutique hotel, it almost goes without saying that you should utilise as many social media portals as possible. However, with that being said, it is imperative that you make the time to ensure you post interesting information pertaining to your hotel. A boring page might be counterproductive, and an inactive page is arguably worse than no presence at all.

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