WHITEPAPER: Tourism Board Website Best Practice (October 2014)

WHITEPAPER: Tourism Board Website Best Practice (October 2014)

Tourist Board websites tend to be full of informative and often interactive content however they are not always well organised nor optimised with key audiences in mind. They can also have unclear objectives as to what each Visitor should do next on any given page.

Rather than being visitor or audience-centric some make the mistake of focusing too heavily on their corporate image, presumably because there are often many stakeholders (local businesses, council members, etc.) involved in the specification and design process - each with their own priorities.

Although not necessarily considered direct commercial competitors, it is worth noting that every Tourist Board website will be competing for Visitors for relevant ‘destination-related’ search terms on Google.

These ‘competing’ websites could include:

• Government websites

• Travel operator websites

• Local hotel websites

• Conference websites

• Outdoor pursuits websites

• Events listing websites

• Encyclopaedia/Wiki websites

Scrummy London conducted a review on behalf of a European Tourism Board client and have created a summary of our findings, along with some really good examples of Tourist Board websites for inspiration.

To request your free copy of our whitepaper please get in touch with The Scrummy Team today.

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