Stop paying expensive fees to directory services like JustEat and Hungry House, and start getting paid for takeaway orders directly.

Are you paying too much for online ordering services for your restaurant or takeaway? Having your very own takeaway website will enable you to keep more of the profits from your customers’ spend. We plugin to your website, allowing you to provide easy-to-use online ordering to your customers, while you receive all money directly.

Online ordering websites for takeaways and restaurants

We believe it’s best for restaurants and takeaways to have a direct relationship with their customers.

We have partnered with one of the leading takeaway website providers to offer a range of amazing, yet affordable online ordering features specifically designed for businesses like yours - most of which are available as standard.

It’s your website!

What’s more important, your business name or that of a multi-restaurant portal? With your own online ordering portal, your website displays your logo. You want customers to appreciate the food and service you provide and associate it with your name, not with some other business.

Use your own web address (domain name)

Customers can then come direct to you (e.g. and not to a directory or portal where they can be tempted by your competitors. You can put your website’s address prominently on your printed takeaway menus, on till receipts etc. and also wherever you appear online (reviews, listing services, blogs etc.) – your own online presence.

Get more than just online ordering

Our online ordering system lets your customers do more than just order online. You can tell them a lot more about your restaurant by adding the extra pages such as About us, Offers, Events, Contact information and a Google map so they can easily find you.

Getting orders

Receiving orders is simple, with orders are sent by email. Alternatively, we can provide you with a compact receipt printer which can be connected via an Internet connection (hard wired or via WiFi) or using 3G if you do not have an Internet connection. Orders can also be sent to a fax machine. In addition, to let you know when an order has been placed, automated alerts can be sent to your landline or mobile phone.

Loyal customers

You get full access to your customers’ details. With their postal addresses, email addresses and mobile phone numbers you can keep in touch: send promotional offers, details of special events such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. Build strong relationships with your customers, especially your best ones – their loyalty is worth a lot.

Easy to use reports

Our online reporting will tell you who your best customers are; what the most popular dishes and menu categories are; orders received by postcode and much more. The information can be exported and further analysed using Excel or other reporting tools if you want to dig deeper.

Online payments

You can choose how your customers pay you – on delivery or collection or online – though payment online is the most popular option. When customers pay for orders online, the funds go direct to your PayPal account, not ours. This is in keeping with our belief that it’s best for restaurants and takeaways to have a direct relationship with their customers.

Offer codes

Create bespoke discount codes. You set the amount, e.g. 10% or £5 off, and when the offer expires. Customers simply enter the code during checkout and the discount is applied automatically. You can set what day an offer applies, even what time.

Intelligent up-selling

At the final checkout stage we suggest extra items that the customer might like to add to their order. This little boost to orders soon adds up.

More repeat orders

Returning customers can login, see previous orders (right down to the toppings on pizzas) and re-order with just a few clicks. It helps them find dishes they especially enjoyed and saves them time. Ordering is quick and easy so customers order from you more often.

Set delivery times

Customers want to know when they will receive their order from you. It depends on how busy you are and may vary on different days of the week. You set the amount of time from order to delivery so that customers know before they order.

Set delivery locations

You can specify where you will deliver to very precisely using postcodes. The area is not just a set distance in a radius from where you’re based. You can exclude parts that are nearby or include areas that are further afield.

Charges for delivery

You decide the minimum order amount to qualify for free delivery and the delivery charge that applies for orders below the minimum. The system even has the flexibility to allow you to set different minimum order amounts and delivery charges for different postcodes.

Show your menu to best effect

Whatever type of food or dishes you offer, we can accommodate your menu. Individual items are organised into categories such as Starters, Main etc. You can have as many categories as you want and name them to suit. Do you number menu items? If so, you can show the numbers next to the dishes on your online menu, it’s up to you.

Show your opening and closing times

This is something your customers need to know. It also controls when we let customers place orders on a day-by-day basis. If you have a sit-down restaurant as well as a takeaway service, and different opening and ordering times, we can show both. You can also show dates you are closed e.g. for refurbishment, Christmas Day or annual holiday etc.

Our fully transactional takeaway websites start at £497+vat setup plus 5%+vat on orders placed through the system. Alternatively we offer a fixed fee of £199+vat per month, irrespective of how many orders are placed. Our simple, transparent pricing means you’re in control of what works best for you, all the while ensuring more profits for your business.

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